A BIG Personality In A Little Body

Meet Murphy, my three year old Shih Tzu. He’s little but he thinks he’s BIG. If you see him, please don’t tell him he is little.

Those that know me, know that I talk to the birds that visit me daily on my patio and I visit with all my plants when I’m out there. So it won’t be a surprise to you that I talk with Murphy every day. We have great conversations. I’m the only one that hears Murphy talk. Well, that’s not entirely true. My 8 year old granddaughter, Zoey, hears Murphy and they talk to each other

Here’s one of our recent conversations:

Murphy: Mom, what are you doing?

Me: Well Murph, I’m working on a post for my Wealthy Affiliate website.

Murphy: But I thought you were working on that a few weeks ago.

Me: That is true Murphy, but I put it away for a while.

Murphy: Mom, why did you do that? You said writing was important to you.

Me: You see, Murph, sometimes I get scared that what I am doing like writing, won’t be good enough. That’s when I put things aside and when I am feeling better, I try again. Does this make sense Murphy?

Murphy: Nope. Mom, I don’t understand. Remember when we went for our walk the other day that big German Shepherd down the road was loose and came running toward you? Well, I was really scared, but I knew I had to protect you. I got in front of you and growled at the shepherd. He was scared of me! He backed away and went to his kennel.

Me: I didn’t know you were scared Murphy. Thank you for protecting me.

Murphy: Well Mom, I love you so much! I didn’t want anyone hurting you!

Me: So you think that even though writing my blogs and publishing them scares me a little, I should keep on writing?

Murphy: Yes Mom, you should keep on writing even if you feel scared…or inadequate…(our trainer taught us that word) you need to write and write some more. You know how I know, Mom?

Mom: How do you know Murphy?

Murphy: Because you say a lot of important things that people need to hear. I think they are important, Mom.

Mom: Excuse me Murph, I have to go finish an article I’m working on.


*I wonder if you have felt unsure about reaching a certain goal. I know I have many times but then I think of how brave my little Murphy was and I tackle the challenge.

It took me over a year to join Wealthy Affiliate. Recently retired and relocating to another state, I found so many excuses to put WA on the back burner. This is the best choice I’ve made!


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Angels, Traditions and Improvising

It’s been our family tradition for the youngest family member to add the angel to the top of the Christmas tree. Grandparents would seek out the “designated” lifter. No hiding or slacking off for this assignment, Nana or Papa will find you.

Well as time does catch up with us, I’m that Nana and hubby is the Papa. I’m a somewhat organized person especially when it comes to Christmas decorations and knowing what is in each box, labeled for the next year. The box that clearly was marked “ANGEL” was sitting off to the side on a

table with other ORGANIZED boxes with proper labeling of the contents inside.

The time came… It was time to place the angel on top of the tree. Silence spilled over the living room, even our little Shih Tzu, Murphy sat and looked up at the tree…the one without the adorned angel.

The youngest child was my beautiful granddaughter, Zoey, 8 years old, and is not so easy to lift up 7‘ anymore. So Papa with my son’s aid hoisted Zoey up and reached out to me for the angel. I held the box that the angel was supposed to be in. Zoey took the cover off and let out a non-angelic scream. “Nana, there’s no angel! You lost the angel!” Then the tears came. Standing quietly I felt all eyes on me. Even Murphy glared at me. He did come over and sit by me; I’ll give him that.

The best advice my mother gave me was…

“Always look like you know what you are doing.”

So, I smiled and said “Well this year we have a very special angel to put on top of our beautiful tree.” I went to my bedroom closet and came out with a faded, old angel that was made in 1984 by none other than Zoey’s father. I saw him look at me with a smile…(Yes! This is going to work!) I said looking at my granddaughter “Look! This angel is made of lace and your Daddy made it.”

I handled the 36-year-old angel with tender care (after all, her body consists of lace doilies) and gave her a kiss before handing her off to Zoey’s Dad. This is what I do. I am very child friendly.

Zoey said “I’ll put her on the top of the tree Daddy, but she needs a name. Let’s call her ‘Nana Angel’.” Ugh… It’s going to be hard to live up to “Nana Angel’s” name. But I’ll try.


The Angel tradition was very important to me and to my family. We looked forward to this tradition. The transition from Angel panic mode to this is what we will do…needed to happen and fast. (I’ve heard my granddaughter cry for a record-breaking amount of time.)

Improvise. I do a lot of improvising. What about you? Do you let a change of plans throw you off kilter? Or do you say “this is just a little glitch, I will re-group and go to plan B?”

In the Affiliate Marketing world, I find I am doing a lot of improvising. My plan for writing one post a day didn’t last even a week. The flu bug found our address. That’s OK, as you see, I am hitting the keyboard.

We are in a new year. New goals, new ideas, but not a NEW you. I suspect many people like you just the way you are! Not to say you can’t come up with some new goals and a plan of attack to bring those goals to fruition. Go for it!

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