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“Retired and Earning Income.” When choosing this niche, I asked myself what was important to me at this point in my life. Being retired for a few years, income is kind of high on my list. Those nice big paychecks weren’t coming in anymore. The bills were coming in at a steady pace. Joining friends on a vacation kept inching its way up on my list of “Places to Travel.”

Then the grandchildren. Damian and Zoey. My greatest treasures for sure. I dodge my daughter-in-laws questions…” You aren’t buying them another outfit, right?” Who me? Well does it count if I order from Amazon? That’s just kind of ordering, right?

OK, I’ll be serious for a bit. Medicine. My spouse is getting older. Me too. We both depend on medicines to keep us on the path to health. Every doctor’s visit, I negotiate about which medication we can delete. Guess what? It’s working. I had to lose 25 pounds. That was my trade off. Everything has a pay off and a trade off. More about this later.


Through the years, I’ve had many mentors. Married with a baby at 21, with two-step children, a husband working late hours, I needed help. Family lived in other states and my circle of friends dwindled fast. Then Mrs. McCoy moved next door to us. She was a grandma type person for sure. One afternoon I was on the front porch, apparently noticeably distraught. Mrs. McCoy came up to me and sat beside me. She put her arms around me. No words. Just arms.

We became friends. Mrs. McCoy was my confidant and became part of our family. She lived to see my firstborn get married. As I pursued a career in hairdressing, it was Mrs. McCoy that took care of my children, and it was her that I turned to when my mother passed away at a young age. I spent the last two days of Mrs. McCoy’s life with her. Funny, we always called her Mrs. McCoy. The morning before she passed, she held my hand and said “Lyn, always look for someone to help. If you do that, you will be happy.”

As my children left the nest, I ventured out. Began college at age 40. On my 45th birthday I began my second career in a large church in Palm Beach, FL. Many people helped me along the way. Now it’s my turn to give back and quite simply, its something I want to do.


“Retired and Earning Income” is dedicated to exploring venues of earning income during retirement years. Some of these you may be aware of and some may surprise you. When we were in our 30s or 40s retirement seemed a long time away. At least for me it did and I’m sure for some of you. Let’s look at some opportunities that are waiting for us.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Angels, Traditions and Improvising

It’s been our family tradition for the youngest family member to add the angel to the top of the Christmas tree. Grandparents would seek out the “designated” lifter. No hiding or slacking off for this assignment, Nana or Papa will find you.

Well as time does catch up with us, I’m that Nana and hubby is the Papa. I’m a somewhat organized person especially when it comes to Christmas decorations and knowing what is in each box, labeled for the next year. The box that clearly was marked “ANGEL” was sitting off to the side on a

table with other ORGANIZED boxes with proper labeling of the contents inside.

The time came… It was time to place the angel on top of the tree. Silence spilled over the living room, even our little Shih Tzu, Murphy sat and looked up at the tree…the one without the adorned angel.

The youngest child was my beautiful granddaughter, Zoey, 8 years old, and is not so easy to lift up 7‘ anymore. So Papa with my son’s aid hoisted Zoey up and reached out to me for the angel. I held the box that the angel was supposed to be in. Zoey took the cover off and let out a non-angelic scream. “Nana, there’s no angel! You lost the angel!” Then the tears came. Standing quietly I felt all eyes on me. Even Murphy glared at me. He did come over and sit by me; I’ll give him that.

The best advice my mother gave me was…

“Always look like you know what you are doing.”

So, I smiled and said “Well this year we have a very special angel to put on top of our beautiful tree.” I went to my bedroom closet and came out with a faded, old angel that was made in 1984 by none other than Zoey’s father. I saw him look at me with a smile…(Yes! This is going to work!) I said looking at my granddaughter “Look! This angel is made of lace and your Daddy made it.”

I handled the 36-year-old angel with tender care (after all, her body consists of lace doilies) and gave her a kiss before handing her off to Zoey’s Dad. This is what I do. I am very child friendly.

Zoey said “I’ll put her on the top of the tree Daddy, but she needs a name. Let’s call her ‘Nana Angel’.” Ugh… It’s going to be hard to live up to “Nana Angel’s” name. But I’ll try.


The Angel tradition was very important to me and to my family. We looked forward to this tradition. The transition from Angel panic mode to this is what we will do…needed to happen and fast. (I’ve heard my granddaughter cry for a record-breaking amount of time.)

Improvise. I do a lot of improvising. What about you? Do you let a change of plans throw you off kilter? Or do you say “this is just a little glitch, I will re-group and go to plan B?”

In the Affiliate Marketing world, I find I am doing a lot of improvising. My plan for writing one post a day didn’t last even a week. The flu bug found our address. That’s OK, as you see, I am hitting the keyboard.

We are in a new year. New goals, new ideas, but not a NEW you. I suspect many people like you just the way you are! Not to say you can’t come up with some new goals and a plan of attack to bring those goals to fruition. Go for it!

 Maybe you are thinking about affiliate marketing. Here’s a link to check it out.

http://retiredandearningincome.com/Wealthy Affiliate Info



Who is a Wealthy Affiliate?

Does One Need to be Wealthy…

to be a WEALTHY AFFILIATE? I mean, seriously, I’m a retired educator and I should know what a Wealthy Affiliate is, right? If I don’t know when an actor was born, I will hit the magic Google button. Doesn’t matter if I’m with a group of people or relaxing with my husband in front of the TV. Within 3 minutes, I will have an answer to whatever trivia question is burning in my mind.

So I began doing what I love to do…research. I fired up my laptop and I couldn’t stop reading.


According tp Mr. Webster: an affiliate is an associate, a partner, a colleague, a member, a link, a conglomerate, someone belonging to….We knew that, right? Now, how about the WEALTHY part? Having resources, or assests, earning a substantial income. Now we have a WEALTHY AFFILIATE. You and I can become a Wealthy Affiliiate. OK, this bears repeating: You and I can become a Wealthy Affiliate.

How was WA started?

Let’s go back to 2005. Two young men, Kyle and Carson, met regularly working on the internet trying to earn an income. They had ideas of what they wanted and began putting these ideas into practice, forming Wealthy Affiliate. I can see them looking at their computers saying “I have an idea!” Each getting more excited with their ideas. Let me say right here at the beginning, ideas are great, but we have to plug them in to bring them to fruition. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, did just that! Their ideas grew and they put them into action.

Today, all over the globe, there are over 1.5 million Wealthy Affiliate members and these numbeers are growing daily.


Wealthy Affiliate is a group of people, just like you and me, building their own online bussiness. That’s the basic explanation. Some have experience with the Internet World and many don’t. Guess what? Experience or lack of experience 

Here’s a simple breakdown of how this works::

Buld a website. STOP! Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through every step of the way.

Pick a NICHE: What are you passionate about? What do you care about? What could you write about to your best friend about? Could be Shih Tzus, mental health, body building, football, weight loss, shoes, children…This is what you write about, and this is your content.

You find a product to promote

Someone clicks on your product

They are directed to the store that sells the product (Amazon as an example)

When they purchase the product you get a commission



Before We Go Further Along

I’ll share some charts that will give you a clearer view of Wealthy Affiliate.

The training you receive surpasses none other I have encountered. From the moment you sign up in Wealthy Affiliate, a community reaches out to you.

By who? When? Who is the targeted audience to be part of WA?





Why choose WA?


Topic/Idea 4

The pros, the cons

Live Chat (a Community)


Lots of success stories.